Home Fengshui – Main Door

Main Door : Key to Well Being

There is a Chinese saying that goes, ” Sickness enters via the mouth while misfortune exits via it”. The main door thus represents both fortune and misfortune, determining the luck and well being of the family. If the main door is wrongly situated, it will adversely affect the entire geomancy layout.

The position of the main door is very important because it is the main entry point for external Qi. It resembles our mouth, where the consumption of nutritious food will bring about good health. Thus if the door faces an auspicious direction, the family’s well being will be taken care of. If not, it will bring misfortune (sickness enters via the mouth). The top priority in Home Geomancy is to analyze the main door because it holds the key to the entire geomancy layout and well being of the occupants.

It is crucial that the direction of the main door and house complement each other. This is because if the door opens in the right direction, overall house geomancy will be positively enhanced.

Source : Way On Net by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong


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