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Home: Settlement and Destiny

Home, where generations live together, is the biggest piece of clothing one can wear where comfort, protection and solace are found. Humans and their home are interdependent because they will not exist without each other.
The belief that a good home brings prosperity has been sought after for thousands of years. And since civilization, man has also understood that wind and water need one another to co-exist. Thus it has been emphasized that a good home cannot do without fengshui.
A home with good fengshui must satisfy two conditions: the surrounding environment and the design layout must be good. A good surrounding environment has been defined as one that as a mountain as backing with the embrace of a river. Thus a modern good home cannot do without having a good direction, accessibility and a tranquil environment.
A design that looks stable, appealing, compatible with overall layout, with sufficient luminance, airy and lively will portray a sense of comfort and ensure that the well-being of the owner is taken care of.

Master Tan has identified the common problems encountered in home geomancy. Hope that it will assist you in solving your problems.

Source : Way On Net by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong


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