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    Singapore District Guide
    HDB Estate Guides
    Rental Check List
    Sample Property Condition Report

    Tips on Renting
    How to prepare your home for rental
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    Recent Rental Contracts
    Median Rentals

  Property Maintenance Support &
  Home Services

    Furniture Leasing Services
  •  Air Conditioning Maintenance Services
  •  Home Cleaning Services (Part Time)
  •  Handy Man Services
  •  Laundry Services
  •  Lock Smith Services
  •  Marble Flooring Polishing Services
  •  Painting Services
  •  Parquet Flooring Varnishing Services
  •  Pest Control Services
  •  Professional Home Cleaning Services

  Our Services

  •  Home Search – We help find homes based on our client’s preferences.
  •  Pre-visit Consultation – Doing reconnaissance before the big move.
  •  Familiarization Services – We point you in the right direction so you get sorted.
  •  Contact us for a Pre-visit Consultation.

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