Renting out private residential properties

Private residential properties or the rooms within their premises should not be rented out on a short-term basis for less than six months on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Renting out the whole unit or individual rooms for residential purposes is only allowed for long-term stays of six months or more if these conditions are met:

  • no internal partitioning works that alter the layout of the property to create more rooms. Such overcrowding can pose safety concerns
  • in the case of master tenancies or en-bloc leasing-out, there should only be one single tenancy agreement per residential unit to cover the number of occupants for the unit. This does not apply to a single property or individual owner who rents out rooms within his unit to different tenants
  • each occupant should have at least 10 sqm of space. The maximum number of occupants in a residential unit is eight, no matter how big the unit is
    • includes the owner if he is living within the premises
    • does not apply if the unit is occupied by a family who is not renting out the premise in any way

Source from URA


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