Home Fengshui – Living Room

Living Room : Warmth Radiates

The living room is the principal location in fostering family spirit and activity. As living room geomancy affects the occupants emotional health, it should be appropriately decorated to remove any negative influences.

The size of the living room must be proportionate to that of the house so as to achieve a balance and most importantly, it must be tidy. A small house with a big living room reflects an ambitious and impractical owner whereas a big house with a small living room exhibits a timid and reserved personality.

The most desirable shape of the living room is square as it signifies uprightness and steadiness whereas a triangular one indicates a difficult and narrow-minded owner. That is why objects such as cupboard and television are placed at the corners to make the room appear square.

A partition is ideal for an elongated living room as it signifies a stubborn owner. A living room with complicated decorations will hinder the ability to solve problems. A dirty and untidy one affects family unity and causes squabbles.

Source : Way On Net by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong


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