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Home Fengshui – Bathroom

Bathroom : Cleansing

In home geomancy, the bathroom is one area that cannot afford to be neglected. This is because bathroom geomancy has far reaching effects on the health conditions and wealth potential of its owner. Thus there is a saying, Even if the house possesses excellent qualities, without good bathroom geomancy, it is compromised.

Extra emphasis is placed on designing bathrooms in Western countries. With the installation of spas in their homes, Westerners tend to enjoy longer period of time in their bathrooms compared to their Eastern counterparts who rarely own such luxuries.

With the increase of living standards, modern homemakers have high expectations of their bathroom. But take note, if the bathroom is situated at the center of the house, it has to be kept clean and fresh. Having some air fresheners helps too.

Fengshui emphasizes positions, which has certain effects on the fengshui. It is bad if the bathroom door faces the bed. If so, what are the other taboos of bathroom fengshui? Let us discuss the following questions in detail with you.

Source : Way On Net by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong


Home Fengshui – Children’s Room

Children’s Room : Cradle of Hope

Parents nowadays focus a lot of their attention on nurturing and cultivating their children. Building a fantasyland for their little angles is the dream of parents. The child’s bedroom ought to be designed with the purpose of studying and sleeping in mind.

The mood of the child will influence the character and physical condition. Emotional stability in turn determines the child’s desire in seeking progress and improvement.

Important considerations include: direction of room, position of bed, room colour and the study table’s position and direction. Air conditioning, decorations and colour coordination are equally important. Master Tan usually analyses the Eight Characters of the child before deciding on the various arrangements.

Thus like the Chinese saying goes, One must sharpen one’s tools before one’s art can be perfected thus one should not neglect the geomancy of the children bedroom if one wishes to provide them with the most conducive environment.

Source : Way On Net by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong