Build bridges instead of unsightly developments

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of neighbourliness, and I have a suggestion as to how the authorities can do better in this regard.

My wife and I spent 20 years cultivating neighbourliness in our previous neighbourhood; we literally knew everyone in our vicinity.

We loved it there so much that we swore never to sell our house. But we did last year.

Someone bought the adjacent house and received regulatory approval to tear it down and rebuild it twice as high and twice as long, which makes it stick out like a sore thumb in a lovely estate of 36 cottage-like, two-storey houses.

Recently, my other neighbour also moved out and sold his house.

A First World country should not let such things happen. My friend and relatives who migrated to Australia said such ugly developments would not happen there, as the authorities would consult the neighbouring households before giving any approval.

Singapore should do the same.

Source Today – 21 May 2013


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