Issues in Telok Kurau

Telok Kurau used to be a peaceful residential neighbourhood, but it now faces several issues.

Firstly, it is now a popular area for student hostels, and students have been disrupting the peace in the wee hours, chatting loudly as they sit along pavements outside the private houses and playing music as they walk to their hostel and Telok Kurau Park.

The hostel at Joo Chiat Place has a guardhouse to control the inflow and outflow of students, but the problem persists.

With several en-bloc developments and now three hostels, the population in the area has increased, the valuation of homes here are lower than in surrounding areas and there is even traffic congestion at noon.

Secondly, there is a legacy problem with Joo Chiat Place. All the other parallel lanes are named Lorong (insert alphabet) Telok Kurau, and postmen, courier services and food delivery services get confused. There should be an alignment of road names.

Thirdly, it seems only half of the drains in Telok Kurau are covered, and this is an area with high incidence of dengue fever. All these issues have been raised to the various authorities, yet the situation has not changed.

From Andrew Kwan

Source : Today – 2012 Jul 10


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