Allow singles to purchase HDB flats early

I refer to the report “Luring the stork” (June 29).

The policy of not allowing singles to apply for Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats needs revisiting.

This pro-family policy may put the Government on high moral ground, but it impedes those who want to prepare their love nest earlier.

Since the Government’s commitment is to give all Singaporeans a chance to own a home, then it should not matter when the Singaporean chooses to have it.

Allowing singles to book an HDB flat early is a pragmatic approach to handle both the housing and procreation issue.

It allows the housing planners to manage the demand and supply of flats.

As it takes three to four years before a flat is ready, singles would still need to wait.

When a couple decides to get married, it also takes them that long to get their love nest up.

What do they do in the meantime? Delay their marriage or stay with their parents?

By the time they get their flat, they would have lost the urge to procreate as repayment and renovation costs start to stack up.

Allowing singles to buy a flat early would allow them to be more conscious of their savings, as it means that their financial commitments are spread out better.

We should learn from the animal kingdom. For many species, the lure of procreation depends on how well the nest is prepared. The females would look for the best nest before making such a commitment.

Humans are similar. A woman would find that a man with a decent home is a sign of stable commitment.

From James Koh Lee Meng

Source : Today – 2012 Jul 10


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