Agents are always briefed on new policies

We refer to Mr John Ow’s letter “Agencies, salespersons unaware of CEA policy” (June 25).

During the development of the new regulatory framework, the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) drew up its regulations in close consultation with key industry stakeholders. They included industry associations, real estate agents and members of the public.

After the formation of the CEA, we continued to work closely with the industry. When we formulate policies, we seek input by having regular industry dialogues and invite industry members to sit on our working committees. Briefing sessions are also held with estate agents before any new policies are implemented.

Under the new framework, the Key Executive Officer (KEO) of an estate agent is responsible for the proper management and supervision of his salespersons. One key duty of a KEO is to communicate and keep salespersons informed on government policies, regulations and procedures that govern their work. At the same time, KEOs can also provide feedback and raise any policy or operational issue directly with the CEA.

Mr Ow claimed that salespersons are unaware of CEA policies. We have spoken to the KEO of Mr Ow’s property firm and understand that briefings have been regularly conducted to explain CEA policies to his salespersons. In view of the latest feedback from Mr Ow, the company will brief its salespersons again. We seek the cooperation of all KEOs to update their salespersons regularly.

The active involvement of the leadership in the industry will improve estate agency services and enhance consumer satisfaction. The CEA will continue to work closely with the industry and avail all relevant information on our website and through briefings and circulars to the industry.

From Purnima Shantilal Director (Licensing & Investigation) Council for Estate Agencies

Source : Today – 2012 Jun 30


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