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Kitchen : Foundation of Health

There is a Chinese saying: Sickness enters via the mouth. And since the kitchen is where meals are being prepared, a good kitchen fengshui will help ensure a healthy family. Thus the health of the family has been heavily dependent on the fengshui of the kitchen since ancient times.

Health is the key to wealth. Thus the kitchen is linked to wealth. And since the wife heads the kitchen, her health conditions affect the prosperity and wealth of the husband.

Kitchen fengshui places a lot of emphasis on the position of the stove. In ancient times, stove-building was a grand affair based on choosing an auspicious date, time and position. Though in modern times the gas/electric cooker has replaced the stove, its importance in fengshui remains.

In geomancy study, the direction of the stove ought to point in the same direction as the user’s back. The function of the stove is to suppress inauspicious forces so it should be placed at the inauspicious direction while facing the auspicious direction. Other than constructing the entire kitchen in accordance with geomancy principles, one must take into consideration the eight characters of the wife.

Source : Way On Net by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong


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