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Modern living

Modern homes need equally modern furniture; something that can add to the look of the interior concept without overpowering the design. These modern furniture pieces, which are sleek, chic, functional and comfortable, will do exactly that.

By Michelle Yee

1. Extensive Table from Danish Design

In homes where space is an issue, versatile furniture pieces offer homeowners with options in placement and design. This dining table for one, is a good example – most homeowners usually pick one that is just large enough for the family, but whenever friends come over, the dining table is never big enough to accommodate everyone. This is when the Extensive Table from Danish Design comes in to solve this problem. The extension system, which can widen the table from a petite 160cm to a whopping 240cm, is extremely sturdy and stable – so much so that it doesn’t require stabilisers.

100E Pasir Panjang Road, #06-03 Century Warehouse. Tel: 65/6270-8483 http://www.danishdesignco.com.sg

2. Balancing Boxes from Dream


Designed by Front, Balancing Boxes can easily pass off as a piece of art – it features a unique design of multiple boxes stacked on top of one another, and creates an illusion of instability and movement. But in fact, this modern piece of furniture is a small table consisting of a series of irregularly overlapping boxes crafted from wood, which can function as either a bedside table or storage unit. We like how this table looks different from all sides.

456 River Valley Road. Tel: 65/6235-0220

3. Orlando Sofa from Kuhl Home

Orlando Sofa v2

Combining simple design and functionality with a delightful lounge ambience, the Orlando modular sofa consists of various modules which, thanks to a solid ‘click’ system, makes it easy to put together the combination that best suits your living space. Also, the depth of the seating units means the Orlando is ideal for overnight guests. Kick off your shoes, put your feet up and enjoy the Orlando backrest’s soft cushions.

100E Pasir Panjang Road, #08-01 Century Warehouse. Tel: 65/6878-0180

4. Giga Sofa from Danish Design

Giga Sofa v2

Sit, lie down, enjoy – and play with Eilersen’s patented back-b lock sofa. Giga is created to satisfy the need for combining sofa and bed. The idea with Giga is a multi-purpose furniture that is both flexible and mobile. The back elements weigh almost nothing so adults and children can easily move them.

The cone-formed and mobile back blocks are covered on the underside with a non-slip material so you can use them anywhere, anytime and in any way. Placed as back support you have the perfect sofa where you can sit comfortably in all positions and in all seats. Place it as an arm support and you have a comfortable chaise longue. Place it on the floor and you can make a ‘nest’ where you can enjoy watching TV or reading.

100E Pasir Panjang Road, #06-03 Century Warehouse. Tel: 65/6270-8483

5. Yang Sofa from Minotti

YANG_04 v2

Bring a sophisticated edge to your home with the Yang seating system from Minotti. Designed for both small and large families, the Yang seating system features a sleek edging design and armrests that come with distinctive design details. The contemporary look fits well into most interiors and
will add a certain panache to homes that are looking for a signature piece to anchor the room.

But it’s not just modern and sleek aesthetics that make the Yang seating system stand out; the seating system can also be configured in a multitude of ways thanks to the ottomans, which can be placed in various positions: to either extend the seating or to provide a practical table-like surface, offering customised comfort for everyone in the family.

30 Hill Street, #01-02. Tel: 65/6338-2822

6. Aki Sideboard from Proof Living

Aki v2

A sideboard is a brilliant addition to any home that requires additional storage without taking up too much space. The Aki Sideboard from Proof Living in particular, has a short and slim profile that complements the home well. Place this well-designed furniture piece in the hallway or give it prime position in the living or dining room.

2 Orchard Turn, #04-16 Ion Orchard. Tel: 65/6509-0555