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All for supermarkets

MY MOTHER-IN-LAW constantly exalts the variety and freshness of seafood and vegetables in wet markets. She always tells me not to do my weekly grocery shopping at Sheng Siong. Recently, I decided to visit the wet market in Bedok North Street 1 she frequents.

I found a fish stall that indeed stocked many varieties of seafood and had freshness to boast about. The vendor was serving three customers who were there before me, so I waited patiently for him to attend to me. In the meantime, more customers came. When the first three customers were gone, the vendor attended to the customers who had come after me. I signalled to him a couple of times that I was next, but each time he turned round to tell me to wait.

Perhaps those were his regular customers. Perhaps my voice was not loud or forceful enough. Whatever the reasons, after 20 minutes of unnecessary waiting, I decided to walk away and vowed never to patronise his stall again.

This is just one reason why I do not shop in wet markets. Another is that it is difficult to buy small portions of food. It is almost impossible to buy 20 cents’ worth of chilli padi or 200g of prawns in a wet market.

I do not lament the demise of wet markets in Singapore. I will continue to do my marketing in supermarkets. Being able to shop in cool comfort, getting everything under one roof, and not being glared at when I say I want only two tomatoes, more than compensates for slightly higher prices and slightly less ‘freshness’ of the seafood.

Betty Ho (Ms)

Source : Straits Times – 31 Oct 2009

Let wet markets fade away gradually, but not now

I AM a 37-year-old supermarket patron who believes that wet markets will be a thing of the past within the next 10 years. Supermarkets have proper food-handling procedures, accountability for returns and competitive pricing. Also, in general, they offer shoppers a much more pleasant milieu.

But the way the authorities have relinquished wet markets to private investors stinks, if you will pardon the pun.

Where will less well-educated but specially skilled stallholders find jobs to support themselves and their families in rapidly urbanising Singapore?

Many stallholders I know barely passed Primary 6.

They cannot move to another wet market because there are so many wet markets passing all at once into private investors’ hands. And the fact is, there are severely limited opportunities at other already tenanted markets.

We are in the midst of recovering from the economic downturn and the timing of supermarket chain Sheng Siong acquiring the bulk of the wet markets is disheartening.

Let the number of wet markets dwindle gradually – and let them fade away completely if they must, but not this way, and not now.

Wendy Lam (Ms)

Source : Straits Times – 31 Oct 2009