Reading the signs : Chinese zodiac signs

With the 15 days of the Lunar New Year still underway and Valentine’s Day just over, PropertyGuru has teamed up with fengshui master Jet Lee, founder of geomancy consultancy Yi Culture, to give readers of all Chinese zodiac signs a glimpse into their fortune for the year of the monkey, especially when it comes to finances and romance.


The arrival of the San Tai Achievement Star and Jiang Xing General Star sets the stage for the Rat to excel in his career and achieve financial progress. Academic pursuits will see considerable success, while romance has a good chance of blossoming for you. Colours such as white, gold, silver, blue and black could be incorporated into the home and office for added prosperity.


People will find the Ox especially glamorous and attractive this year, thanks to the Tian Xi Happiness Star. This is also a good time to start a relationship or get married. Both wealth and career luck are on the up for you: you will gain recognition in the workplace, but you must remember to be prudent in spending. If you are considering buying or investing in property, May, September and December are auspicious months to do so.


The Tiger’s aggressive nature will be unleashed with the Yi Ma Voyager Star. Your financial luck is volatile, so be sure to minimise speculative investment this year. Caution is advised as you will clash directly with the Tai Sui Grand Duke; be mindful of your words, so as to avoid offending others. Your love life and career are in good shape this year, and your lucky colours are green, blue and black.


Blessed with the Zi Wei Emperor Star and Long De Prosperity Star this year, the Rabbit will prosper in career, wealth and romance. However, attraction from the opposite sex may necessitate self-discipline. Though this year will be filled with joyous occasions, it is important to remain humble and not get carried away with your success. You will be most auspicious in the months of March, July, October and November.


With no auspicious stars this year, the Dragon should keep a low profile and stay clear of trouble. Although the Hua Gai Lonely Star implies solitude for you, it also represents great artistic talent and enhances academic pursuits. You will experience limited luck in romance and wealth, so be cautious in your relationships and frugal in your spending. Still, it helps to stay positive and remember your auspicious months: April, August, September and December.


The Snake will enjoy blessings from an auspicious trio: the Tian De Star of Benevolence, Lu Xun Wealth Star and Fu Xing Fortune Star. Still, do watch your temper, as the Juan She Dispute Star could affect you. Your wealth and career will do well, but exercise thoughtfulness in your relationships. Appreciate those around you and remember that there is strength in unity. Your lucky colours are green, red and purple.


The Horse’s overall luck this year is precarious at best, with uncertainty on ahead. Avoid gambling, speculation and lavish spending. Refrain from taking risks when it comes to investment, and focus on self-improvement, as opposed to romantic pursuits. Watch out for your lucky months: February, June, July and October, and incorporate colours such as green, red and purple into your home and office for good fortune.


This is a good year for single Goats, as the Hong Luan Romance Star shines on you. Your charisma and charm will attract lots of attention from the opposite sex. However, beware of unwanted romantic entanglements, and be sensitive and sensible when dealing with others. Your wealth luck is relatively stable this year, and your lucky months are March, June, July and November. Auspicious colours include brown, grey, yellow, red and purple.


This is your year, but due to conflict with the Tai Sui Grand Duke, things may not go as smoothly. It is best to maintain a low profile and remain calm in times of difficulty. Your love life may see positive developments, but avoid overspending, as well as jumping into major purchases or investments. You will be most auspicious in April, May, August and December, and your lucky colours include brown, grey, white, gold and silver.


The Gui Ren Benefactor Star and Tai Yang Success Star signify great success and victory for you this year, making it a good time to advance your career or business. Exercise self-discipline to keep the Xian Chi Extramarital Star at bay, amidst a sea of lust and temptation that gives rise to illusory, intangible amorous desires. You will be luckiest in April, May, September and January.


Like the Horse and Dragon, you have no auspicious stars to guide you this year. Avoid weddings and funerals, as such events can adversely affect you. When it comes to romance and relationships, refrain from verbally provoking others. Do not make hasty or large purchases or investments, since your wealth luck is in short supply this year. Your most auspicious months are February, March, June and October, while your lucky colours are brown, grey, yellow, red and purple.


After years of hardship, things will finally start looking up for the Pig this year. Wealth luck is enhanced by the Gui Ren Benefactor Star, and hard work will result in increased finances. Be generous towards others, but also save for a rainy day. Romance luck looks promising, but do not take anyone for granted. Your auspicious colours are white, gold, silver, blue and black, and you will be luckiest in February, March, July and November.


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