Four HDB kitchens Gordon Ramsay would approve of

Doing up an HDB kitchen doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the clever use of space and storage, even kitchens in small apartments can contain all you need, whether you like to cook for one or a party of 10. Here are four beautiful and innovative kitchen designs for HDB flats.

1. Checkered flooring might be old-fashioned (headache-inducing even, to some), but the designers have worked them so perfectly into this kitchen, with its dark cabinets and tabletops, that it looks absolutely chic and classy.


Interior designer: Unity Interior Design
Location: Pasir Ris Drive 1 
Cost of renovation for entire house: $150,000

2. Clean and minimalist, this white kitchen uses an all-white table as its centerpiece, and wooden chairs and cabinets to soften the look. Not much cooking might go on in this kitchen, but it sure looks good.


Interior designer: 
2. Box I.D.
Location: Yishun Street 41
Cost of renovation for entire house: $60,000

3. This cheerful kitchen reflects the fun and joyful spirit of its home’s occupants in Punggol. Red accents pop amidst the white and wooden built-in components. Details like cabinet pulls and handles run consistently through the apartment, tying the look together.

Interior designer: The Design Practice
Location: Punggol
Cost of renovation for entire house: $30,000

4. Curves not only make this kitchen sexy, but also ergonomic. Cabinets are hidden to bring out the smoothness of the curved design, while the tiered ceiling, reminiscent of rice paddy fields, create an added sense of depth.

Interior designer: 
Location: Pinnacle@Duxton
Cost of renovation for entire house: $75,000


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