Salesperson disciplined for misleading client

On 5 September 2013, Salesperson was found guilty by the Disciplinary Committee for bringing disrepute to the estate agency industry by making misleading statements and producing a misleading HDB ownership information sheet to a potential tenant.

Salesperson tried to rent out a HDB flat co-owned by her and her ex-husband. She misled a potential tenant by saying that the flat was owned by a cousin. Salesperson  subsequently produced to the potential tenant a HDB ownership information sheet altered to show only the name of the ex-husband as the owner. The potential tenant was misled on the ownership of the flat and proceeded to lease the flat.

Salesperson was convicted and suspended for three months with effect from 5 September 2013, and ordered to pay fixed costs of $1,000 to CEA.

When seeking to rent a flat, consumers are advised to check that the person you are dealing with is the rightful owner of the flat. Ask for documentary proof of flat ownership e.g. service & conservancy charges booklet, annual loan statements which bear the flat owner’s name.

Source : CEA


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