Resale HDB flat prices to drop?

Prices of resale flats could change in the coming months as 50,000 newly-built flats are handed over to their owners, said National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

At a recent dialogue session, he noted that the government has indirect influence on home prices even if buyers and sellers are the ones who set the trends.

Attended by over 40 participants, the dialogue focused on housing issues, reported My Paper.

Mr Khaw also clarified his previous comments on the executive condominium (EC) scheme, stating that they were wrongly reported. He said that it was not about the money EC owners could make when selling their properties, but the subsidy they get from the government as compared to other new flat buyers.

He explained that even if EC units are bought from developers, the land is still from the government, restricting them to build ECs and not private condominiums.

“This market subsidy, compared to the subsidy given to someone who buys a (new non-EC) three- or four-room flat, is much more,” said Mr Khaw, adding that it would be unfair if a higher-earning EC buyer receives a larger subsidy compared to someone who earns less and purchases a new non-EC flat.

Separately, the Minister also visited two HDB blocks in his constituency to distribute dengue-prevention leaflets in line with on-going awareness against the problem.

Source : PropGuru – 7 My 2013


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