Singapore the new tourism hotspot

Singapore is now widely considered the leisure and tourism capital of the 21st century, offering a wide mix of cultures, modern developments and strong economy, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

With a land area of about 270 square miles and population of around five million, the city-state has emerged as a hot spot for travellers who stay in five-star hotels, shop and gamble.

The report also praised the island’s open-air hawker centres, the city’s architecture, marina and skyline.

At the same time, some hot-button issues have been raised that people would like resolved, such as political openness, labour rights and environmental protection. Additionally, some have called for the preservation of open spaces as many mega developments continue to spring up.

But these projects may also be credited for enhancing Singapore’s tourism appeal. For instance, the recently completed 250-acre Gardens by the Bay features meticulously landscaped gardens, futuristic “supertrees” and other nature-inspired attractions.

The article also shed some light on concerns faced by its citizens, such as the high cost of living which could be associated with “Las Vegas-style materialism”.

“As Singapore opens itself more to the world, one hopes — for a country so embracing of modernity, yet so dependent on smart development, careful management of its resources and tourism — that they are getting the model right.”

Source : ProGuru – 6 May 2013


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