Developer unveils new eco-friendly showflat

Property firm Santarli yesterday unveiled an eco-friendly and innovative showflat called the Portable Modular Showsuite on the site of its new Sant Ritz project in Upper Serangoon.

Inspired by portable weatherboard farmhouses that can be pre-constructed and transported, Santarli’s Managing Director Lai Kwong Meng led a team to create the concept using 3Rs – reuse, renew and recycle.

Built from modular components, it can be assembled and disassembled and could be hoisted by crane to another location. They are recyclable and renewable making the project more eco-friendly and cost-effective.

The showsuite comprises seven modules with the largest measuring 6m by 11.5m. They were planned in such a way to accommodate the entrance reception, various unit types and sales area while maintaining the lifting capacity.

Source : PropGuru – 25 Apr 2013


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