What is CEA’s role in investigations?

In March, I was looking for a room to rent and met an agent who circumvented the regulations for the sake of a commission. I wrote to the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) about this.

A month later, I was informed that my case was being referred to the property agency and that if I wished to lodge a formal complaint, I would have to fill in a complaint form. Nobody could answer me why I was advised to do so only then.

Two months after I had filed my complaint, I enquired about the progress and was then forwarded a “claim” by the property agency, which could have been answered with the evidence I had submitted.

CEA just played a postman’s role by forwarding the claim. Four months after I first wrote to CEA, I wonder what its value-added role is in the investigation process.

Would an agency’s investigation into an agent who generates revenue for the agency be impartial? If no, why is CEA delegating the investigation to property agencies?
From Sng Tze Ming

Source : Today – 2012 Jul 13





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