Fish House, Sentosa’s most ecofriendly property

Private homeowners in Singapore are now exercising greater effort to integrate the latest environmentally-friendly features into their homes, according to an article first published in The New Paper.

For instance, a two-storey bungalow at Sentosa called The Fish House (by Guz Architects) has received praise for being an environmentally-friendly property. Owned by hedge fund manager Stephen Fisher, the Fish House received the Architectural Design Award from the Singapore Institute of Architects in 2010.

The panel of judges were impressed with the way the house blended open spaces with sea views, showing its adaptability to the country’s tropical climate.

Comprising two pavilions, the house is made of wood and glass and is connected by a bamboo walkway on the second floor. It is also surrounded by a sea-facing infinity pool.

One pavilion has a pool verandah on the first floor while the kitchen, living and dining areas can be found on the second level.

The other pavilion houses the master bedroom and two other bedrooms.

Fisher, who has lived in the house since April 2009 together with his wife and two children cited the eco-friendly features of their home such as the photovoltaic cells on the roof which harness solar energy, a roof garden for beauty and ventilation and abalone shell decorations.

Other features include extended eaves for more shade and an underground audio-visual room covered in 12.7cm-thick acrylic walls that offer underwater views of the swimming pool.

Other Pictures: The Fish House by Guz Architects

Source PropertyGuru – 2012 Jul 24





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