Thomson area becoming a concrete jungle

I live in Sin Ming and was surprised recently to see a large billboard by the Housing and Development Board near my estate advertising a tender for a 99-year lease for a piece of land between my HDB estate and the Thomson View condominium.

The tender is open for a HDB estate, condominium or landed property.

There are already quite a number of building projects along Thomson Road and, given the traffic situation in the mornings and evenings, is it feasible to keep increasing the number of residents in the area without alleviating traffic conditions?

In any case, should priority for land not be given for the building of public housing over a tender for both public and private housing, or building amenities for existing residents?

Our area is cluttered with so many new buildings (including Midview City) that it has become a concrete jungle next to a natural one.

I wonder what the HDB’s take on this matter is.

From Benjamin Ho

Source : Today – 2012 Jul 3


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