How to Choose The Right Property Agent for Yourself?

Property agents are known to market themselves aggressively. We get their flyers stuffed into our letterboxes everyday. But how do you pick the right one out of so many dolled up faces you see on the flyers? Or should you just rely on referrals?

Traditionally, people simply expect housing agents to just have the knowledge about the property they intend to sell. But today the expectations of homebuyers going beyond that. Now buyers expect an agent to be able to analyze the market and update them with market pricing of the different locations be it in the North, South, East, West or the Core Central area. It’s not just about those projects they are selling only.

Agents should no longer concentrate on just buying and selling. Today they need to know extra information such as bank interest rate, loan schemes available for their clients etc. Then they can give good advise to potential buyers on financial matters and even estimate the monthly returns for the buyer.

A good agent is also someone who reads the paper daily to know what is happening in the country and around the world. How the stock market or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is progressing can easily affect the buying/selling price. These are factors that drive consumer sentiments. And the property market is largely driven by sentiments.

The best agent you can get is one that has a broad knowledge of the market environment. How much information they can share with their clients is a test of the depth and breath of their knowledge.

Source : – 16 Oct 2009


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