Gnashing pain of taking over a new HDB flat

MY HUSBAND and I acquired an HDB flat two months ago. We were told, as standard practice, to check for and indicate any defects within seven days of acquiring the keys or before renovation work started.

We found five minor defects initially. However, as these were rectified, more seemed to crop up each time we went back to check on the repair work. And we are disappointed with the conduct of the HDB’s contractors. We found cigarette butts on our air-con ledge and the coins we placed on the floor as a ritual during the Hungry Ghost month were thrown away.

What checks does HDB carry out before it hands over the flat to owners?

I had specified that the hollow tiles be filled and the work be carried out by a parquet specialist. The HDB promised to see to it, but it was done by a foreign worker whose foreman told him only to rectify the defects. Now, our renovation plan is delayed again.

Hazel Koo (Mrs)

Source : Straits Times – 14 Oct 2009


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