Waterfront Living @ Sentosa Cove

SC 26

Sentosa Cove – Ecoid Architects

Waterfront living provides a tantalizing lifestyle option. But for many of us it will remain …. a dream and for some of us …. just the imagery itself is enough to capture our imagination on the lifestyle of the rich and famous. What is so appealing about waterfront living the idea of waking up to the sounds of the waves and being able to gaze at breathtaking water views and the nearby islands. This is the feeling you get when you are vacationing  in a resort by the ocean where everyday spent by the beach is a holiday.

Lshoreimage 01a

Lakeshore View – Akta Architects

Water also has a therapeutic effect on most people,it is a paradise for active individuals who love the outdoors. Sentosa Cove waterfront residents has the privileges of Marinas, boating opportunities fine dining, entertainment and resort style living for those who are wealthy enough to live here.

Developers for the Sentosa Cove development understand the special nature of waterfront land and design buildings to maximize the view and provide unparalleled facilities and recreational activities that are not available to downtown or urban residents. Todays feature provides a peek into the homes located by the waterfront.


The Azure – Sentosa Cove – ADDP Architects.

Scda 01a

Sentosa Cove – SCDA Architects

All Photographs Amir Sultan

Source : Living Pod – 13 Oct 2009


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