Property agents should wear ID tags

I REFER to Monday’s article, “Property agents to be regulated”.

I suggest that the authorities make it compulsory for agents who have Common Examination for Housing Agents (CEHA) qualifications or higher to be individually licensed, and to have their licence numbers printed on their name cards. This is to allow buyers and/or sellers to recognise them as licensed agents. They need not be attached to any company, and if any problems arise from a transaction, the sellers and buyers will be able to lodge complaints against the agents to the relevant authorities.

The public should be made aware that they should check for the agent’s licence number on his name card. This will also make the agents perform their jobs carefully.

Agents who have qualifications of CEHA and above should have the option to join a company if they wish, but they should not be allowed to have an individual licence. The agency must then be responsible for these agents. The company’s name and licence number must also be stated on the card. Any complains against these agents can then be directed to the relevant authorities and to the company.

New agents should be allowed to carry out HDB sales only after taking the Common Examination for Salespersons, otherwise they should work under the supervision of a senior agent who is qualified.

Agents must not be allowed to operate under two different companies, and to ensure this, agencies should check every agent’s details before recruiting him.

Mabel Mohan (Ms)

Source : Straits Times – 7 Oct 2009


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