The Feng Shui Discovery of Sentosa

Situated at the southern coast of Singapore with only ten minutes drive away from the Central Business District and the Orchard Road shopping strip is the wonder island of Sentosa. Spread over 500 hectares and well-preserved flora and fauna with 3.2 kilometres of pristine beaches and a range of world-class leisure and entertainment facilities, together with the meta development of the Integrated Resort, expected to contribute 0.8% of the country’s GDP and create more than 30,000 new jobs for the economy, as well as high-ended water-front residential development, has made Sentosa the hottest topic in this country. People from all parts of the globe are considering embracing Sentosa living as their dream life style. While the investment in the paradise island may be one of the most crucial decisions, it is critically important to know the Feng Shui of the island and its implication to your dream homes.

Sentosa island is part of a special Crab Land in the Western Dragon of Singapore in Feng Shui terms. The whole Crab Land comprises Mount Faber and its surrounding area, Pulau Brani and Sentosa. The Mount Faber area is the Crab’s body while Sentosa and Pulau Brani constitute a huge open pincer. Unlike normal crabs, this unique Crab with only one pincer, is also known as The Thunder King Crab.  According to a folktale, as soon as the huge pincer of a Thunder King Crab firmly grips any thing, it would not let go its victim until a thunder is heard. This is where its name comes from.

The Thunder King Crab is powerful with its open pincer and its power has been awakened by the recent developments of this area. According to Feng Shui theory, the next 20 years will be very auspicious for Sentosa, and its prosperity is possible to be continued beyond the 20 years with the help of a Feng Shui arrangement. People seem to understand this very well as investments are poured in from all over the world with the last piece of land for development sold recently.
This Land of female Thunder Crab is extraordinarily fertile, implicates that Sentosa is ideal to have and raise children, and a good place to create wealth. It is also a place relatively better for male residents. Crab walks or crawls sideways, indicating this paradise island is good for unconventional wealth creation, particularly beneficial for those high-risk high-return investments and businesses.
Attracting crabs to come, stay, and breed is the key for the Feng Shui design. Crab likes stones, roots, and bubbles, so it is advisable to use stones, wooden materials, or bubble-like designs in your garden and home. Shrub is also very good for garden or home but metal furniture is to be avoided. Red colour is generally inauspicious for the Crab Land. However, what makes this Thunder Crab so special is that it is not afraid of the red colour so red is acceptable in your Feng Shui design in the island.
Most residential sites are located around the Northeast coast of the island, namely Sentosa Cove, includes luxurious villas, bungalows, terraces, and condominiums in Coral Island, Paradise Island, Treasure Island, Quayside Isle, Sandy Island, Pearl Island, and all the ocean-front areas. This location, facing the magnificent skyline of the financial district and adjacent to beautiful golf courses, is the most powerful part of the pincer in the Thunder Crab Land, considered the most auspicious and prosperous area in the island. However, merely within the Sentosa Cove does not guarantee good Feng Shui for all properties. It is also important to choose a site or home with auspicious orientation. As we are in the eighth period, properties facing South or North would be preferred choices rather than those facing East or West.
Another powerful part of the pincer in the Crab Land is Pular Brani. It has great potential to be developed into an entertainment centre. More bridges and roads are recommended to be constructed to link the main island to this pincer in order to further strengthen the prosperity of the Crab Land.
There are other Feng Shui implications that you need to pay attention to. Irrational thinking may be easily triggered and children here are more likely to be overly active. Therefore, it is a place better for those who are disciplined with strong mental strength while it is not suitable for those who are weak in their life patterns. How to avoid being the victim of the powerful pincer of the Crab is also a critical factor of your Feng Shui consideration. People who intend to invest and live in this paradise are strongly recommended to consult an experienced Feng Shui master to reap the Feng Shui benefits to the fullest and safeguard your fortune.

Courtesy of WayOnNet by Renowned Master Tan Khoon Yong


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