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Are there any rebates, reliefs or refunds?

For Home Owners (HDB, private apartments, landed homes)
Property tax is payable regardless of whether the property is vacant or occupied unless your property has been continuously vacant for at least 30 days or 1 calendar month because of repairs or the inability to find a tenant, you may apply for Vacancy Refund for that period. If you intentionally leave your property vacant or your property is vacant pending sale, you will not be eligible to apply for vacancy refund.
Conditions :

  • Building must be in good repair and fit for occupation, no tenant could be found even though reasonable efforts to obtain a tenant have been made, rent demanded must be reasonable;
  • Building which is unfit for occupation is undergoing repairs to render it fit for occupation. (Repairs do not include upgrading work, extensions, alterations, improvements or additions);

Note: Reasonable efforts depend on the circumstances of each case. The actions taken and efforts made (e.g. appointed agent(s), advertisement(s), placed “To Let” sign) to secure a tenant will be examined in the context of the circumstances before a decision is made.
Tax Form – Claim for Vacancy Refund.
Claim must be submitted by 15 November every year within 1 month from the date that is rented out.

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For land owners (including redevelopment properties)
You can apply for Remission of Property Tax if you have demolished your dwelling house for reconstruction. If you qualify for this remission, you will continue to enjoy Owner-occupier concession (as before the reconstruction work) during the construction period. If you do not qualify for this remission, after demolition, you would be taxed on the land during the construction period. This tax is generally higher than the amount prior to the reconstruction.

  • The land is not occupied;
  • No rent or fee is charged or received for the occupation or use of the land or any part thereof;
  • You are not enjoying PPTR on another property during the concession period; (If you are currently enjoying PPTR on another property, you may inform IRAS to withdraw PPTR on that property);
  • The reconstructed house is owner-occupied for at least one year following the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) date or the Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) from the Building Authority;
  • The period of remission is for a maximum period of two years from the date of vacation of the demolished dwelling-house or the date of submission of building plans to the Building Authority, whichever is later; to the date of completion of the new building..

Tax Form – Apply for Remission.
You need to submit a written undertaking within 30 days of the TOP or CSC of the new house.

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For land owners (including redevelopment properties)
You can apply for Exemption of Property Tax if the development project on your land has been granted ‘Approved Building Project (ABP)’ status by the Minister.

The exemption will be valid from the date of commencement of foundation works. The exemption is for a maximum period of three years, or up to the date of TOP, whichever is earlier.
Criteria for the grant of ABP Status:

  • Date of commencement of foundation works of the project is on or after 1st May 2001,
  • Project has the support of Economic Development Board (EDB),
  • Project involves substantial investment cost (excludes land costs),
  • Project will create substantial spin-offs and benefits for Singapore.,

Application for ABP.
Form must be submitted within six months of the date of written permission granted.

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For other building owners
A building is Exempt from property tax if it is used exclusively:

• as a public place of worship;
• as a public school;
• for charitable purposes;
• for purposes that promote the social development of Singapore.

Partial exemption may be granted if only parts of the building qualify for exemption. To apply for exemption, you need to write to the Comptroller of Property Tax with supporting information for approval.

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For more information, please visit Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

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