How to prepare your home for rental

Demand for private rental units has increased of late, but so has supply. Here’s how to spruce up your condo and set it apart from the competition.

1. Before you can rent out your condo

Consider all the pros, cons and legal implications of being a landlord. What are the rules and regulations regarding renting out your condo? Do you need permission from condo management? It is advisable to engage a property agent to help you perform background checks on potential tenants, as well as to draw up legally binding tenancy agreements. Once you have spoken to your agent and assessed all the factors involved, you can proceed with the rest of the rental process.

2. Prior to your tenant’s arrival

Inspect your entire home thoroughly to see if there are any defects. If there are, be sure to repair them as soon as possible. Problems such as leaky faucets or pipes, cracked tiles, faulty plumbing, exposed electrical wiring, burnt-out lights and so on should be fixed in advance, so your tenant feels confident and at ease upon moving in.

3. Apart from ensuring everything in your home is in working order

Remember that safety is also of utmost importance. This is especially so for the room in which your tenant will be sleeping, so do see to it that features like smoke detectors and electrical wiring are working as they should be, and that no part of your house poses any safety hazard. Installing fire extinguishers in your home is a good idea, as is making sure all your kitchen appliances are in good condition.

4. It has been said that cleanliness is next to godliness

and rarely is this truer than when opening your home to someone. It is important to make your tenant as comfortable as possible, and keeping your home clean is quite possibly the best way to do so. A dirty house is an instant turn-off, so be sure to keep floors and carpets free from dust and dirt, and repaint your walls if you must. Appliances and fixtures should remain grime-free; disinfectant wipes and sprays, as well as home fragrances, work well to keep dirt and odours at bay.

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